Hello to all, I’m Amanda Kendle and I’m Jan’s wife. I’m so pleased that Jan has finally put a collection of his photographs together on a website for the world to admire, because I’m proud of his great photos, and not just because I’m biased.

In our family, Jan is the pictures person, and I am the words person, so we decided that he can concentrate on taking more great photos while I do most of the blog entries around here. I thought I should start by telling you just what it’s like to get to know and then marry a man who is quite obsessed with cameras and photography.

It didn’t take me long at all to learn about Jan’s obsession. I think he was diplomatic enough not to bring a camera – at that stage, they were all Leicas – to our first date, but I guess he had it around his neck by the second. Like many people, I was never particularly keen on having my photo taken but when I saw the results that came out of Jan’s camera – I looked much better than in real life! – I relaxed. I had to, because wherever Jan went, his cameras did too.

Amanda wedding dressSince meeting in Germany, we married there (what a pity you can’t be the photographer at your own wedding – this is one of my favourite pictures but it was taken a few weeks before our wedding), then moved back to my hometown of Perth, Australia. We’ve travelled a lot since and of course that’s a great hobby for a photographer, but the really excessive use of the camera didn’t start until our son was born in 2010. When he was a baby we used to joke (half-seriously) that our son thought his father had a long black nose, because he nearly always had a lens in front of him. I don’t mind, though, because I’m lucky to have countless gorgeous portraits of our beautiful boy. (Not so many of the three of us together, but still!)

For many years I have been encouraging Jan to make his photography more public and to even make a sideline business out of it, and I’m really pleased he’s finally decided to do so.

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